Soul-Driven Women Association

Inspiring, Empowering, and Supporting Women in Living Soul-Driven Lives of Beauty, Power, & Impact

Soul-Driven Women Association

About Us

We believe in the power of women to live self-actualized lives that contribute their unique genius to the world.

We believe this unique genius is one of the strongest agents for powerful and positive change in the world.

But whether it's motherhood, friendships, business, family relations, or unresolved personal wounding, there are times when we feel stuck overwhelmed, discouraged, dissatisfied, or just "off track," like something is missing and our potential isn't being realized. 

This space aims to be a resource to facilitate women stepping more fully into their power, where they are supported in getting back on track and staying tapped into the soul, so they can thrive and be the visionary change makers they want to be. 

By "soul-driven life," we mean:

A life where you feel:

*inspired and creative

*aligned with your core values

*tapped into your personal power

*activated and alive

*on purpose

Where you have:




*capacity to the challenges of Life with greater presence and resourcefulness

*strength to heal personal wounds

Where you are:                                                                                              

*creating positive impact and making a contribution to Life whether in personal/family life, business/entrepreneurship, and/or the world at large.

Our vision is to have an active community of soul-driven women inspiring each other to our next greatest version of ourselves. 

We aim to be a community of visionary change makers, ready to level up humanity: 

*moms who are ready to break the cycles of trauma, and who are ready to do it differently, so they can raise the next generation of conscious Earth stewards...

*female entrepreneurs ready to use their unique genius to creatively answer the evolving needs of of this world...

*business executives ready to lead their companies into an era of greater sustainability, social responsibility, and valuing of workers...

*non-profit leaders and activists meeting the needs and raising the voices of the disadvantaged...

*creatives ready to mobilize their artistic expressions in order to stimulate deeper, more reflective thinking, increase compassion, and challenge the status quo...

We are women who's souls' are saying, "ENOUGH!" We are women who are ready to do the inner and outer work necessary to turn this ship, deep in the waters of despair, fear, and suffering, around. We are women who know life can and must be better for All of Us (without exception), and who are committed to finding, or, if need be, creating a way.


Why Join Us?

By joining our network, you gain access to a wide range of resources including:

*Strategies for navigating adversity

*Techniques for healing past wounds that may be sabotaging or diluting your efforts  

*Health and wellness recommendations for greater self-care                 

*Specialized groups for greater focus and support                                  

*Practices and tools to maintain personal power                                     

*Courses designed to facilitate amplification of your impact

Special Thanks

A very warm and heartfelt thank you to our supporters for joining us in our vision of making the world a better place for everyone, through the power of activated, soul-driven women.

Your support not only increases the reach of this work, it also helps fund projects we aim to support, such as TEMA, a non-profit organization in Kenya that rescues young girls from female genital mutilation and child marriage, providing a pathway for them to continue their education and to become leaders in their community.

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